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About Us ...

Inkling Records exists to bring virtuoso purist performances of early music into the 21st Century - not with electronics or digital effects, but with live sound and thrilling performance - and to demonstrate that this music is not far from the music of today - it is the Music of Today.

About The Inklings and the philosophy of Inkling Records - J.R.R. Tolkien was a scholar of medieval literature but created a world that inspires block-busting movies and millions of readers. Charles Williams was a publisher's assistant at the Oxford University Press who wrote novels which transcended the visible world into the supernatural. And C.S. Lewis gave us the world of Narnia, borne out of theological doubts and peppered with mythological characters, still read by millions of adults and children every year. They met to provide a forum for their work and to exchange ideas and provide support whilst hoping for publication.

Inkling Records is company created by artists to provide a forum for our own work. Sales proceeds will fund future projects.

We love the idea that an inkling is a beginning, a creative idea, an inner chiming of inspiration, something spontaneous that you can't really put your finger on, the flame that we trust as musicians ... not intellectual inspiration but creative fire.

Thanks for your interest and support!

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